Adding Value to Education

Márcio Utsch,

Alpargatas' president

Teaching children to prepare them for formal education is a very relevant challenge, especially in those communities poorly served and far from the large cities. We have to recognize the difference between teaching, which is the responsibility of the school, and educating, which is the responsibility of the family. However, the two things are interdependent – i.e. one cannot exist without the other. They are like night and day!

At the Alpargatas Institute, we understand the challenge and invest in schools in order to promote the learning process, without, however, interfering with the state, which is legally responsible for providing basic education. Our role has been to influence the government and act together with educational institutions, their managers and teachers, to improve the learning conditions for students. This is a work we perform with great care, since we understand that the generation in the classrooms today will be the one leading our beloved Brazil in future decades. The success and progress of society will depend on the excellent education of this group, until one day our Alpargatas Institute will finally no longer be necessary. Then we will have fulfilled our mission, since all society will have its rights recognized and provided for equally by the State. This will be the goal of this group.

With my hope for much success and my confidence in the coming future!