Who we are

Citizenship and Social Responsibility from Head to Toe

Founded in 2003, the Alpargatas Institute (AI) was born from the belief that building a more equal society is a responsibility that depends on the efforts of each one of us. Thus arose the social responsibility and corporate citizenship arm of the company to participate in sustainable development and invest in improving public education in the regions where Alpargatas is present.

It has been 15 years now and over that time, the AI has reiterated its ideal, roles and responsibility by means of sports, culture and citizenship, changing the lives of thousands of children, teenagers, young people and communities, and fostering the desire to learn and build a better life for all.

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Make Alpargatas recognized by the communities and markets in which it operates as a company that acts with social responsibility.


Contribute to improving the quality of education for children, teenagers and young people from 7 to 29 years of age, by means of sports and culture in the communities where the company operates.

Operational Focus

Sports-based Education Program

  • Sports-based Education Program;
  • Sports-based Education Development Trail;
  • Qualification of School Facilities;
  • Sports-based Education Award – Straight-A Student, Straight-A Teacher and Straight-A Management;
  • Sports-based Education National Seminar.

Culture-based Education Program

  • Culture-based Education Program: Full-Time Integral Education;
  • Training Trail for Integral Education Instructors.

Corporate Volunteering

  • Regular Projects;
  • Alpa Good Deed Day;
  • Mobilization of Assistance for the Local Community.
Transforming the fate of children, teenagers and young adults.