Sports-based Education Program

National Education Seminar

More than just implementing successful education initiatives and strategies, it is vital to recognize and share them with people. With this inspiration as a goal in mind, the Education Seminar was launched in 2003, dedicated to the dissemination of good practices. 

Every year the seminar brings together – at the end of each school year – teachers, managers, technicians and volunteers of the Sports-based Education and Culture-based Education Programs to hear from renowned personalities in the field of education and listen to the experiences of teachers participating in the programs.

The seminar focus is to promote the exchange of experiences that may stimulate discussions about the importance of a reformulated education plan that integrates knowledge, which contributes in an interdisciplinary and multicultural manner to innovative and creative teaching. Operating in the states of Paraíba, Pernambuco and Minas Gerais since 2003, the Alpargatas Institute develops its projects in partnership with the local Secretaries of Education of 11 municipalities within these states, for the purpose of improving the quality of education for students in local schools.

The Education Seminar also lays down paths so that methods and results can be recognized within the Straight-A Teacher and Straight-A Management categories.

Results (Since 2003)

9.958 qualified teachers

100% schools involved annually

120 hours of training

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