Culture-based Education Program

Making the difference

The Alpargatas Institute believes that an innovative teaching approach is what can really make a difference – for the better – when it comes to high-quality education. Consequently, it created the Culture-based Education Program.

The program strengthens teaching institutions while promoting quality education by reviewing teaching content and experiences, including topics and aspects outside that are not part of the traditional school curriculums. It has the following objectives:

  • Awaken student interest and value national culture;
  • Develop cultural artistic skills;
  • Encourage critical thinking and conscientious citizenship;
  • Strengthen the relationship between school and community;
  • Promote understanding of moral and ethical values;
  • Promote full-time education.

The methodology used is based on full-time interdisciplinary activities. It promotes actions to rescue popular Brazilian culture by means of dance, music and capoeira. The study of Indian and Afro-Brazilian history are examples of topics addressed by teaching institutions involved in the initiative.

The program encourages the idea of full-time school – its format is ideal for the strategies that the initiative believes in and promotes. This enables students to achieve the full development of their capacities in all the dimensions coordinated by the initiative. In addition, the initiative drives the restructuring of teaching facilities for new experiences and usage opportunities.

From the curricular point of view, full-time education provides better support for students to optimize their time to study and practice music, dance and capoeira. Another benefit of this format is that it is possible to offer courses related to indigenous and Afro-Brazilian music and culture, with research methods and experimental practices.

Results (Since 2014)

245 schools involved

62 new ones in 2017

52 thousand students benefited