Corporate Volunteering

Alpa Good Deed Day

Alpa Good Deed Day is a yearly volunteering event held by the Alpargatas Institute for the purpose of encouraging a good relationship between Alpargatas employees and the communities, promoting a volunteering spirit in all units of the company as well as in the communities where it operates.

Through the AI, annual actions are framed and promoted in the cities of Alagoa Nova, Campina Grande, Guarabira, Ingá, Mogeiro, Santa Rita, Serra Redonda, João Pessoa (PB), Carpina (PE) and Montes Claros (MG), communities where Alpargatas plants are located. In addition, some activities are also held in São Paulo (SP), where the Alpargatas headquarters is located, as well as in countries where it has international offices (Argentina, the United States, and Spain).

The Alpa Good Deed Day involves company volunteers who contribute to the improvement of schools, libraries, hospitals and, above all, people.

Check out some of the actions undertaken:

  • Renovations:Improvement of infrastructure, building maintenance and space organization for local schools, public libraries, hospitals and other entities;
  • Donations: Donation of books, computers, clothing, food and school materials to local schools, hospitals, and public libraries;
  • Education: Leisure and educational activities in local schools, besides campaigns for raising awareness for diseases and health risks;
  • Sports: Sports events offering quality of life and entertainment opportunities to promote the Alpa Good Deed Day Program to charitable institutions and schools.

Among the entities supported by the Alpargatas Institute through the Alpa Good Deed Day Program, are: The Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Special Needs (Apae – Associação de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais) in the city of Montes Claros, the Action for Citizenship in Diversity Group (Lace – Núcleo de Ações para a Cidadania na Diversidade) in São Paulo, the Women’s Cancer Network (Rede Feminina de Combate ao Câncer) in João Pessoa and the Public Library of Carpina, in addition to local elementary and pre-schools.

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