Sports-based Education Program

Education Award

Recognizing actions is of vital importance for motivating the achievement of ever better results. As a result, in 2003, the Alpargatas Institute created the Education Award, which identifies, values and disseminates innovative and quality learning experiences throughout the local schools. The award is granted annually – based on the Sports-Based Education Program – and comprises the following categories:

Straight-A Student

Recognizes students efforts by distinguishing those fully involved in social, cultural and sports activities, in addition to valuing aspects such as best attendance rate, performance and behavior.

Straight-A Teacher

Highlights innovative and quality teaching initiatives contributing to students learning, developed by Physical Education professionals.

Straight-A Management

Highlights school management leadership that promotes, enhances or reviews its internal processes in search of continuous improvement and follow up of teaching proposals, particularly those related to the inclusion of sports-based education.

Students of from local public local schools, physical education teachers and managers of 1st to 9th year grade of elementary schools are eligible for the award. Participants are evaluated by distinct commissions and specific criteria, then duly qualified. Winners, in turn, are given awards.

The awards for Straight-A Student winners are given during a ceremony held in their local town halls. Straight-A Teacher and Straight-A Manager categories are recognized during the Sports-based Education Seminar, and, in addition, Straight-A Managers are granted a monetary award for improvement of school facilities.

Who can participate?

All schools served by the program may participate. In the Straight-A Student category, the elementary schools nominate 10 students to the School Committee. For the Straight-A Teacher and Straight-A Management categories, the projects are prepared and sent to an invited board of examiners and visiting professionals for assessment.

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